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Books for Beginners

If you have to special order any of these books please do your community a favor and order them from the business who support you community directly: local independent bookstores and fetish boutiques. Alternatively you can order them over the Internet. QSM and WholeSM Publishing sell many of them while Greenery Press and Circlet Press sell their own titles directly.

  • Bannon, Race Learning the Ropes   Daedalus Publishing Co.: Los Angeles, (This book is one of the first two I lend out to people new to the scene and chomping at the bit to get involved. It's a quick read that covers the essentials. It's also the cheapest to replace if I don't get it back.)
  • Brame, Gloria, Brame Will, and Jon Jacobs Different Loving   Villard Books, 1993.
  • Easton, Dossie and Cathrine A. Listzt The Bottoming Book   Greenery Press: San Francisco, 1994. (A book for Submissives)
  • Easton, Dossie and Cathrine A. Listzt The Topping Book   Greenery Press: San Francisco, 1995. (A book for Dominants)
  • Miller, Philip and Molly Devon Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns   Mystic Rose Books: Fairfield,
  • Warren, John The Loving Dominant Masquerade Books: New York,
  • Wiseman, Jay SM 101: A Realistic Introduction   Greenery Press: San Francisco

This list is by no means complete. I'm sure there are other good introductory books I missed.

Support your locally owned fetish business by buying your books there. Usually it's a small business which supports your community and is a valuable resource for people in the local scene. However, if you don't have a locally owned fetish business which carries books, the following links are offered for your convenience (and to off-set my cost of maintaining this site.)


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