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Contact the San Antonio S/Munch

Interested in the Group?

If you are an adult agreeable to our group and interested in attending our socials or joining the on-line ":eGroup," visit the SAS/M group on FetLife. It provides more information about SAS/M --- including the munch location, news, and events.


Questions about BDSM or the local scene?

If you have general questions about BDSM, please check out the BDSM Basics page before you write us. (Some questions can be answered quickly by viewing pages on our web site. We're happy to answer other questions or direct you to where you can find answers.)


Reach a Board Member?

Our old email form is non-functional. Until we have a new form up and running you can write the following board members directly.

However -- while it's flattering -- please don't write unsolicited romantic proposals to board members. You should check to see that a person is available before petitioning him or her.


Regarding the Website

For matters concerning this web site, please write Ambrosio.


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