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Frequently Asked Questions: General and Munch Questions


General Questions


Q:  Are homosexuals and bisexuals welcome in your group?

A:  Yes. SAS/M is a pansexual organization which means we welcome all orientations and identifications: homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, and heterosexual.


Q:  What style or school of BDSM does SAS/M follow or observe?  What protocol should I follow at your functions?

A:  Since SAS/M is the oldest and largest group in San Antonio and often the first group a novice in our area would join, we try to be a "gateway organization."  We be aim to be as accepting and inclusive as possible.  With that in mind, we don't follow or observe a particular style of BDSM such as Gorean, Old Guard, Femdom, Maledom, Christian D/s, European Chateau, Polyamorous BDSM, etc., Rather we ask that all members follow a very "common denominator" low protocol and respect each other's differences.  


Q:  Why are their variant spellings for SAS/M?

A:  SAS/M is our "scene name."  It stands for "San Antonio S/Munch."  We also have a "vanilla name" -- SASM -- which we use when the "S/M" is too obvious and we don't want undue public attention.  It's supposed to stand for "San Antonio Social Munch."  But if this is too confusing, not to worry.  We answer to either spelling.


Q:  How do I find out about SAS/M's events?

A:  For the security and privacy of our members we do not post event location on publicly available web sites.   Visit the SAS/M group on FetLife for the location.


Q:  Can SAS/M provide me with a list of potential partners?

A:  No.  While we provide a safe, comfortable setting for people to meet, SAS/M is not a dating or match making service.


Munch Questions


Q:  Can I bring my child/children to a munch?

A:  SAS/M's policy is that no one under the age of 19 attend our munches and some educational programs --- regardless of their parents's consent and their individual maturity and knowledge of BDSM. (For all other SAS/M functions, the age limit is 21.)

The Board of SAS/M is aware how strongly people feel on both sides of our age requirement issue. It is something the board agreed upon only after measured discussion and careful consideration.


Q:  Can I wear dog collars or fetish attire to the munch?

A:  Regrettably no.  Firstly, our munch takes place at a family restaurant.  In our past experience, some family restaurants have given us poor service and even embarrassed our membership once the nature of our group became obvious to the employees and patrons.  Secondly, not everyone is as comfortable about being identified as being part of the BDSM community as others.  They're concerned about losing jobs, child custody, and standing in the community if their proclivities became public and are concerned about "guilt by association."


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